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Fraunhofer has been active in India for a long time through its individual institutes. However, the brand Fraunhofer came to India in the middle of 2008 with the appointment of Ms. Anandi Iyer as its Senior Advisor in India. The objective was to concentrate its effort to understand the Indian market and engage with Industry, Government and Academia in furthering the innovation capital of India. The India Office of Fraunhofer in Bangalore was inaugurated on October 30, 2012, which houses an Experience Theatre showcasing some of the latest technologies and the Fraunhofer Innovation and Technology (FIT) Academy which conducts workshops, bringing Fraunhofer experts from various Institutes to connect with our clients and partners in India. The Fraunhofer Innovation and Technology (FIT) platform is another exciting initiative and annual flagship event which focuses on different thematic fields and showcases cutting edge technologies, innovation, and solutions like never before. Fraunhofer works with several of the leading companies in India and in the last ten years, contracts worth upwards of 45 million Euros have been signed, in the focus areas of Smart Manufacturing, Production Technologies, Renewable Energy, E Mobility, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence and New Materials. Ms. Anandi Iyer is presently the Director of India office and based on her network within Fraunhofer, and together with a powerful young team, she makes innovative technologies accessible to Indian clients and establishes strategic partnerships with Indian and Research Organisations.

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