Smart Cities

Fraunhofer supports cities in the development and design of smart city strategies and sustainability roadmaps through a holistic and tailored approach with an aim to strengthen innovation potential of cities’ municipalities. Fraunhofer has the most innovative network called as “Morgenstadt: City Insights”; a network collaboratively built by various Fraunhofer institutes and its industry partners to conceptualize and realize the future of an integrated, sustainable, liveable and resilient city of tomorrow.

No city is alike, and every city faces a myriad problems regarding overconsumption of resources, mobility, congestion, water, energy, ICT, societal problems like health, climate, education, security etc. Fraunhofer collaboratively aims to develop solutions for urban problems, facilitating new partnerships and connecting all relevant stakeholders of the city at an early stage through efficient use of urban informatics and city’s assets. Such a methodology enables the city municipality to know how the city is evolving in order to ensure a better quality of life for its citizens. We thrive to build optimally networked city, which will not only make everyday life easier in all aspects but also provide environmentally sustainable solutions. 

We offer the following services:

  • Urban Crisis Management
  • Sharing models for infrastructures
  • Developing City / District Concepts
  • Financing for Smart City
  • Visual Computing / Digital City Administration
  • ICT for Smart City
  • Virtual Reality for Planning support
  • Future Market for Smart City
  • Expertise Building



Institutes active in India: