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New technologies in Photonics Microsystems


[Circular Economy in Electromobility]: Second Life for Electric Motors


[Clean Technology for Heavy Industry] : Converting a Steel Mill to Climate-Neutral Steel Production


Semiconductor based UVC-Disinfection (UVC-LED)


Sustainable PV Manufacturing


Vehicle in cabin monitoring: More safety in the car through contactless, AI-supported vital signs recording One


Green Crude Oil from Residual Biomass [TCR technology: CO2-neutral energy sources from biogenic waste]


Solid Hydrogen Carriers [SHC]


Hydrogen Production at Sea


Green Hydrogen through Electrolyzer


Climate-friendly hydrogen and fuel cells


Hydrogen Pressure Vessels made from Fiber-Reinforced Plastics


Fuel Cell Systems


New Technologies from Fraunhofer in Process Engineering and Packaging


Cost Effective Production of Fuel Cell Stacks and Electrolyzers


New Technologies from Fraunhofer Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD)


Advanced power electronic solutions for conversion, supply, and storage of electrical energy and First 1-inch Aluminum Nitride Wafer


Power Electronics and Grid Integration


Sustainable Batteries


Economical and Resource-saving Green Hydrogen


Electricity and hydrogen for CO2-free mobility


Integrated Photovoltaic Solutions


Vehicle Electronics - Electronics with lowest energy consumption


Cognitive Power Electronics 4.0


Solutions for Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) Batteries


Fraunhofer ISE Develops the World's Most Efficient Solar Cell with 47.6 Percent Efficiency




Spin-off E-VITA wins Fraunhofer Founder Award 2021


Reliance New Energy Solar Ltd becomes the lead investor in Fraunhofer spin-off NexWafe

- Joint giga-scale development & commercialization of highly efficient mono c-Si “Green” solar wafer Tech.


Auto Tram

Fraunhofer IVI has grabbed the attention of the whole world for developing a 30.7m long AutoTram®Extra Grand – the world’s longest bus – equipped with hybrid propulsion technology and an electronic multi-axle steering system.
It combines the advantages of a conventional bus and tram technologies into an intermediate public transport vehicle concept.


Diamond like coating that saves fuel

Fraunhofer IWS has developed a
laser arc method with which layers of carbon almost as hard as diamond can be applied on an industrial scale at high coating
rates and with high coating thicknesses of up to 20 micrometers.



Fraunhofer ISC has developed a new Scratch and Abrasion resistant coating based on the patented technology ORMOCER®,
an inorganic-organic hybrid polymer synthesized via the sol-gel-process.


Joining Technology

  • Mechanical joining- Innovative process for lightweight construction and composite design
  • Joining by forming
  • Thermal Joining-Highly flexible welding technology for steel, light metals and material combinations (Metal, FRP)
  • Laser Technology-Hybrid welding.
    Special technology- Friction welding (punctate, linear, areal)
  • Magnet arc welding

Presswork 4.0

Making smart data out of big data: Presswork 4.0 takes data that today is rarely or never evaluated and integrates it using an analysis and feedback system.


Additive Manufacturing

The new manufacturing technology allows degrees of freedom for functional optimization and flexibility beyond the limits of conventional manufacturing technology.


Forming Technology

  • Sheet metal forming-Technologies of next generation
  • Bulk metal forming-Expertise of forming in powertrain application
  • Forming based on active media-Economic realization of sophisticated designs and complex structural components
  • Micro Forming-Large scale replication of microstructures
  • Lightweight powertrain components
  • Lightweight gear shaft

Lightweight Material and Construction

  • Development and calculation of lightweight structures
  • Design/utilization of metal fiber composite hybrid components
  • Metal foams
  • Smart materials-Electrorheological and magnetorheological fluids
  • Hybrid Materials-CFRP z-Slider, cross beam, injection molding, composite material

Battery with 1000km range

Fraunhofer IKTS and its partners have transferred the bipolar principle known from fuel cells to the lithium battery.


Fraunhofer ISE Pushes World Record for Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells to 22.3%

Fraunhofer ISE has succeeded in decreasing this efficiency gap by surpassing their own world record efficiency for multicrystalline solar cells, which they established just a few months ago.


Thermo-Optical Measuring Method

To Improve the Efficiency, Economy and
Minimize Emissions of Coal-Fired Plants.


Heat-resistant capacitors: Stability at up tp 300 degrees celsius

Fraunhofer IMS drilled holes into surfaces to increase heat resistance.  


High-Pressure Sensors for Extreme Temperature

Fraunhofer IZM develops SOI high-pressure sensors (silicon-on-insulator) for processes operating at temperatures of up to 400° centigrade.


Grid Code Compliance Testing

Design and Operation of Fault-Ride-Through (FRT) testing equipment