Energy and Environment

Fraunhofer’s fields of research in Energy include digitization of the Energy World, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Systems Analyses and Energy Storage Technologies as well as Energy Efficiency Technologies and components for buildings, districts and cities.

Fraunhofer offers research and services in the Energy Technology and Energy Management sectors. It provides simple access to the diverse expertise of the Fraunhofer Institutes, both to small and medium-sized enterprises and to the industry, energy sector and politics.

All our activities focus on the objective of achieving sustainable, secure, economical and socially responsible energy supplies.

Our core competences are:

  • Renewable Energies - Solar, Wind, Biomass
  • Energy Efficiency Technologies - Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies, natural gas provision, storage and energy conversion technologies, fuel cells, etc
  • Hydrogen Technology
  • Buildings and Components - Lowest-energy house, building energy technologies, etc
  • Energy Storage - Storage and micro-energy technologies: Lithium technologies for batteries, fuel cell systems, etc.
  • Digitalization of the energy industry: Collection, analysis, transport and use of energy data, etc
  • Intelligent Energy Grids

Fraunhofer offers its clients a broad spectrum of services in this area. Fraunhofer’s role will be as a reliable expert and knowledge/technology partner, who can offer support in all phases of project development with advance proven technology in:

  • Research & Development, Technology Transfer on Renewable Energy and storage sources such as Solar (Photovoltaics, Thermal), Wind and Biomass.
  • Scientific support, Consultancy
  • Technical Assessment in RE Business Development and in setting-up of manufacturing unit facilities such as Photovoltaic Panels, Wind Turbine, etc.
  • Testing , Certification & Quality Assurance
  • Grid Management / Integration of Renewable sources
  • Energy Storage
  • Electro mobility
  • Capacity Building, Skill Development

The Renewable energy sector has been identified by the Indian government with strategic focus to promote the development and deployment of various technologies for significantly increase in installed capacity to meet its current and future power requirements by taking positive steps towards carbon emissions, clean air and ensuring a more sustainable future.

The Indian Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Fraunhofer have already signed a MoU to strengthen their cooperation on the field of Solar Energy in India.



Institutes active in India: